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What Everyone is Saying about Holly's Oats

“I recently purchased my fist box of Holly's oatmeal and it is fantastic. I love oatmeal anyway and I am pretty diabetic so this all natural oatmeal is great for me. The flavor is excellent I love the maple and the apricot pieces. This is not a mushy oatmeal. It has a small amount of chewiness to it. I love all the different grains in it and I will be trying all the flavors.”

“My husband and I discovered Holly's oatmeal this Christmas season, 2013, looking for gifts. We have fallen in love with these oatmeal's. The tastes and textures are amazing! If you are looking for that wholesome, whole grain taste and something to really chew, you will not be disappointed in the wickedly plain,or any other flavor. My husband tried instant oatmeal in a hurry the other day and said he choked it down, but he was spoiled and wanted the real thing with wickedly plain.”

“Just a quick note. Thank you to Holly for speaking to my mother Barbara Jones today 2/20. She was so pleased to have a pleasant conversation with you. We ordered you oatmeal (4) boxes from QVC and love it. It sticks to your ribs (we've needed it this winter) and mom says it's the easiest oatmeal to clean from her pans. We have loved all the flavors and I am going back tonight to order another batch. You told mom you have 2 new flavors. We can't wait. Awesome job making a good thing even better! Thanks again.”

Sandy Barber

“Hi Holly,
I received your oatmeal in a gift basket recently and I cannot tell you how much I love it! It tastes excellent ( I cook mine with almond milk). I eat it every morning. Thank you for making a product that's delicious AND healthy! :)”


“Holly, I am a nurse and know how important breakfast is for our kids, especially. The difference a nourishing breakfast can make in a childs' school performance has been proven. I truly believe in your product and would love to see more and more people experiencing a really healthy treat every morning. Your Oatmeal is so quick and easy even a child can fix it. Several years ago I lost over 100 lbs. Holly's Oatmeal was a part of my diet daily - sometimes twice a day! I guess I'm telling you this because I believe in your product and would love to see it more widely available.”


“Holly's Gluten Free Porridge is the absolute best breakfast! Thank you so much!”


“Holly, I've been an oatmeal afficionado since age 7, I am 59, and I am here to tell you that I have NEVER eaten ANYTHING like your oatmeal. WOW, my taste buds exploded on the first spoonful of the multi grain, and mellowed out on an oatmeal journey like I've never been on before. You are a genius! Good bye Bob's Red Mill steel cut, welcome home Holly's! Thank You Connecticut Magazine for the intro to you.”


“This is my second order because i got hooked after the first! This oatmeal is not only delicious and good for you, it doesn't leave you feeling empty afterwards. It's a great way to start every morning off getting the fuel I need to go through my whole day without feeling like i'm running on fumes!!"”

QVC Buyer - 11/27/12

“This is the best oatmeal ever. My husband isn't wild about oatmeal but this one he loves. I have used four boxes (gave one away as a gift) Don't make the scones they suggest as they aren't as good as oatmeal. This needs to be on auto delivery for sure. Just the best to start the day. I am on my second order in a little over a month."”

QVC Buyer - 11/17/12

“About time you got this back. Tasty stuff. I add almond milk and bananas. Yum. Tastes better cooked on the stove than microwaved--only takes 6 minutes."”


“LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! I grew up eating all varieties of hot cereals, but Holly's oatmeals are now at the top of my list. The blend of ingredients is "spot on." These hearty and satisfying hot cereals incorporate a healthy balance of protein, fiber, and carbs to start my day. Look forward to your next visit on QVC and trying more blends Thanks Holly!"”

QVC Buyer - 11/8/12

“Yes! I loved this oatmeal - so much more than oatmeal! (And I'm no fan of oatmeal.) Please read the nutrient label, 10 grams of protein and 9 grams of fiber. Wow! I could find nothing comparable on the grocery store shelves. And no strange ingredients to bump up the numbers, just natural grains. Another wow! Convenient, too. I want this to be part of my health plan for life. I am going to my local grocery store to ask that they carry Holly's Oatmeal because I never want to be without it! Please, please continue carrying it. I also liked the packaging, a box not individual pouches so I can measure out the portion I want - 1/3 cup works best for me. Amazing, wholesome ingredients. Thanks, Holly and QVC."”

QVC Buyer - 11/5/12

“This is delicious and a nice surprise. Highly recommend this oatmeal. I will order this again."”

QVC Buyer - 10/31/12

“After 40 years of fixing his oatmeal with no comments from hubby, I served him Holly,s Apricot Maple Oatmeal. "That oatmeal was delicious" says he. I'm happy, he's happy! Thank you, Holly."”

QVC Buyer - 10/20/12

“Holly's Oatmeal is FABULOUS! Very tasty. Our family loves this oatmeal. I eat the Gluten Free and my husband loves the Goji Berry and the Cranberry Almond. What a treat for breakfast! So healthy and much better than the usual store bought brands I get at the grocery store."”

QVC Buyer - 10/19/12

“Seriously, who really looks forward to eating oatmeal? We only eat it because it is healthy for us. Not anymore!!! This oatmeal is incredible. It is not gluey, or tasteless or....blah! It's vibrant, colorful and bursting with awesome ingredients. This is an oatmeal that you will want to eat not only for breakfast, but for a snack, lunch or dinner! You will be very happy the flavors come in an assorted box because it's very difficult to choose just one flavor! I am trying to decide which is my favorite.... still can't decide but I will let you know when I do!!"”

QVC Buyer - 10/19/12

“What a relief- I thought we had run out of Holly's oatmeal, found a box in the pantry- the morning was saved! You will want to keep plenty on hand, the quality of the ingredients is top shelf. This oatmeal is a great start to the day...or finish to a long evening. Cherry Almond should be renamed Cherry Awesome!"”

QVC Buyer - 10/19/12

“I love Holly's Oatmeal & so do my kids--all natural!"”

QVC Buyer - 10/19/12

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