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Holly's OatmealHolly's Oatmeal

Gluten Free Oatmeal

Oats With Only The Best Natural Ingredients

Holly only uses the best all-natural, gluten free ingredients in her oats. She uses a blend of healthy, natural grains, fruits and oats to create a delicious breakfast that those with gluten allergies, and those of us just wishing to stay healthy, can enjoy. Holly's gluten free and cranberry gluten free oatmeals never contain any nuts. They are prepared in a separate facility with separate mixers; neither of which have ever been exposed to nuts.

If you are looking for a "good for you, gluten free oat," try a box of Holly's. You can create your own custom blend of gluten fee oatmeal, at an additional cost. Please see our "Create Your Own" section for choice options.

Buy one box and try it. Holly doesn't cut corners. When Holly says her oats are gluten free, she means it!

Why Gluten Free Oats?

A rise in Celiac disease, autoimmune deficiencies, and an overall desire to be healthy, has created a demand for healthier, all natural oats. In order to meet this demand, Holly's has created a blend of oats, grains, fruits and other natural ingredients that not only taste good, but are also gluten free!

Before Gluten free oats, people with Celiac disease and those who wished to stay away from gluten, had to avoid oats or face dire health consequences. Now, even those with the most sever gluten allergy, can enjoy a hearty and delicious natural bowl of oats for breakfast.

What if I have Celiac Disease, Can I Still Eat Gluten Free Oats?

Yes, as long as you purchase a trusted gluten free oat, even people with Celiac disease can enjoy a hearty, healthy bowl of oatmeal for breakfast or a delicious snack. Of course everyone is different and someone with Celiac disease might have other allergies that prevent them from eating oats. Remember when considering your diet, make sure you know your allergies and have consulted a doctor to ensure that eating oats is right for you!

Aren't All Oats Gluten Free?

The answer is yes... and no. You see, although all oats are naturally gluten free, only oats labeled gluten free are grown in fields that do not grow any other grains that contain gluten. If a field has previously grown grains that contained gluten, they may have contaminated oats causing them to retain gluten, which could be dire news for anyone with a gluten allergy! Furthermore crops can be affected by farm equipment, storage, and transportation used to process rolled oats.

When you buy Holly's Gluten Free Oats, you are guaranteed that all the oats and grains have been treated with care to contain less than the FDA allowed percentage of Gluten. The FDA allows 25 parts/million for gluten free; Holly's is less than 5 parts/million. However, you may still experience a reaction. Please check with your doctor if you're not sure.