Holly's OatmealHolly's Oatmeal
Holly's OatmealHolly's Oatmeal

Wickedly Plain Oatmeal

It's not fair to call this thick, chewy and creamy oatmeal just plain! Yes, technically it's plain because it isn't fruit flavored. But it's devilishly flavorful with a nutty taste, and saintly enriched with nine types of whole grains.

Holly's pours in the healthy ingredients: whole grain oats, rolled wheat, rye, barley, triticale, bulgar wheat, oat bran, seven grain hot cereal, Scottish oats, puffed organic amaranth, quinoa, flax meal, black seed chia meal and milk protein isolate. There are more whole grains in Holly's Wickedly Plain Oatmeal than in any other oatmeal from any other hot cereal company.

Best Oatmeal Award

In August 2009, six of the best nutritionists in the country combed through more than 75,000 grocery store products to find the 50 most delicious, healthiest packaged foods. Those 50 foods earned Fitness Magazine's Fitness 2009 Healthy Food Awards. Holly's Wickedly Plain Oatmeal was crowned Best Oatmeal.

Holly's Wickedly Plain Oatmeal contains rich amounts of all essential amino acids. And Holly's Wickedly Plain Oatmeal boasts milk protein isolate – the purest form of protein. Top Holly's Wickedly Plain Oatmeal with a pinch of maple syrup or honey, and you're good to go until noon. Stir in skim milk for an even creamier texture.